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Delhi is a city of variety. All the people from around the India makes it more beautiful place. One can get many kinds of foods if you live in Delhi. But if you are searching for the best and fresh home-made South Indian food in Delhi, then it will be a tough job. Specially if you are new in the city and do not want to eat expensive and unhealthy restaurant foods, then it will be more difficult. So, FTS Food provides you that platform where you can search the best home-made South Indian food in Delhi.

home-made South Indian food in Delhi

FTS Food- a part of FTS India (FOOD-TRAVEL-STAY), is an online application based platform which provides you the best home-made food in Delhi from the people who will love to share their food with you. If you are searching for the best South Indian cooks nearby you then FTS Food is the right place. One can get bored of eating expensive and unhealthy restaurant foods. At some moment they want to eat freshly prepared Home-made food. So, FTS Food provides you the platform where you can search and eat the food directly at the cook’s house. You just have to download the Playstore App of FTS Food or the website of FTS India and register with it and you can search the best home-made south Indian food in Delhi. It will be completely your choice whether you want your food at the chef’s house or you want to pack it. As it is directly customer to customer service so it will be cheaper than your expensive restaurant foods.

FTS Food also provides a platform to the hidden cook’s in Delhi. All people and housewives who love cooking and want to earn money with their cooking can join us and earn money just by sitting at their home. If you love to cook and South Indian dishes and want to earn money then FTS is the best place. You don’t need any extra staffs or a highly upgraded kitchen or any kinds of investments. You just need a passion of cooking and if love to serve your food to people then you can join FTS Food. With FTS Food you can serve your food to the foodie at your house also, but it will be completely your choice whether you want to serve the food at your house or not. So it is easy to earn money with FTS Food if you love cooking.

So, if you are in Delhi and are craving for home-made South Indian Food in Delhi, then FTS Food will provide the platform where you can search for the best cooks who make the best South Indian Cuisines. You can also earn money by using FTS Food service. Now if you can’t go out of your home for earning then using FTS you can earn just by following your passion of cooking and serving to the people.

FTS, FOOD- TRAVEL- STAY is completely based on the intellectual algorithm and technologies application. FTS works on the traditional concept of ‘sharing’ where people can share the food using a single platform. It provides a platform where everyone can join and interact socially using the service. Not only FTS Food facility, but FTS India also provides you FTS Stay and FTS Travel facilities too. FTS wants to bring the social life into real life and with FTS you can make many new friends and may be a new “Family”.

Steps to join FTS Food

We have kept the booking or the enrolling process quite simple.

As A Foodie

Visit Site or app >> Enter the location or the GPS tracks your current location >> A list of chefs popsup from your nearby areas >> Choose the chef for your food >> Choose Your Happy Meal from the list of various food >> Select the payment method and enter details like contact details and special request (if any) >> Make Payment (in case of choosing net banking, credit card, debit card, or other digital methods) >> Order Completed, you can see live location on map >> You may eat food at Chef’s home or may pack it, as per your choice.

Homemade North Indian Food

As A Chef

Visit Site or app >> User Log In >> Visit dashboard >> Can add or remove meal or items and the category from the list >> Enter all the business details and the information >> Get notification as soon as foodie place order for you >> accept the order >> Hand the food to the foodie.

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